Pool Cleaners and Pool Filters – A Shared Relationship

Pool Cleaners and Pool Filters - A Shared Relationship

So there you are. Trying to decide on all that you are need for the pool that you are planning on having installed in your backyard. One thing is for certain and that is that you don’t want ton have to buy anything twice. This means that all must be adequate for your pool and all of it’s functions the first go-round.

Pool Cleaners and Filters

So does it really matter what type of pool cleaner and pool filter that you get? Also, seeing that they both essentially are doing overlapping jobs, does say what type of pool filter that you have, have an en effect on your decisions regarding pool cleaners?

Some Factors to Consider

As a matter of fact, it does but there are a few other factors that must be taken into consideration with regards to pool cleaners and pool filters. For instance, the amount of use and the amount of shedding foliage in your yard will both have some level of influence.

An Exacting Job Of Cleaning Your Pools Water

If you are looking for consistent, crystal clear water in your pool then you may want to give some consideration to a diatomacous earth pool filter. However as exacting as they are for cleaning the actual water in your pool, they are also vulnerable to clogs from debris such as leaves.

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Pool Cleaners and Diatomacous Earth Filters

Thus, a good reliable pool cleaner would definitely be in order to protect both your filter and your pump from damage resulting from heavy debris clogs. Also, it will mean far less time between filter and pump maintenance.

Pool Cleaners for Less Than $100

Even if you decide to go with a screen cartridge pool filter, which tend to be far more forgiving with regards to heavy debris, you may want to give some consideration to one of less expensive lighter duty pool cleaner that can be picked up for less than $100.

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