Characteristics of Modern Architecture

Characteristics of Modern Architecture

If you’re in the process of shopping for a new home design in Dallas, you may have already stumbled upon the term, modern architecture. It is a very simple concept that centers on the principle that “form follows function.” It is a rather self-explanatory concept which means design should be result of the purpose of the structure. A modern architect subscribes to this school of thought and his work in general will be characterized by the following:

Simple and clear lines, shapes, and forms: A modern architect in Dallas is more likely to eliminate those unnecessary details, which were common in many grandiose pre-modern designs. Structural elements are also more visually expressed as opposed to hidden within or behind elaborate designs.

A modern architect is more likely to emphasize vertical or horizontal lines. You may have noticed how more and more homes are characterized by straight-lined flat roofs and partitions like walls are kept at a very minimum. It all goes back to the principle of keeping the elements to only what is essential.

By applying basic design principles and their own creative touch, a architect devices a way to make this simplicity stunningly beautiful all the same. A modern architect is more innovative in incorporating aesthetics in the essential components of structures like roofs, walls, windows, parking spaces and so on.

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Authenticity in materials: A architect also avoids making materials look contrived. There is simply more “truth” to modern architecture, which means the natural appearance of the materials used is preferred.

This minimalist approach to design often involves the natural beauty of the outside environment in accentuating the interior Seonesia. A modern architect creates seamless connections between landscapes and living spaces through large windows and plenty of open spaces.

With a great architect in Dallas, it is not at all fair to say that modernism in architectural design is characterized by cold, futuristic and somewhat detached ambiance. In fact, many modern homes are very relaxing, a perfect refuge for those with hectic lifestyle.

The thing though about modernism is that it uses more industrially produced items, which is probably why many feel this type of design is a little less homey. Steel, aluminum and even synthetic materials are laid bare in newer homes.

Functionality: Finally, a modern architect lays out his plans with purpose and efficiency as his foremost consideration. The use of space is carefully planned out and maximized. This makes modern architecture commonly used in corporate or commercial buildings, urban flats and condominiums where the modern architect must work within very limited spaces.