Our Family Gallery Wall is Finally Done

Family Gallery Wall

A family gallery wall is a great way to create a focal point in a room. Gallery walls give you a fun opportunity to display wall decor that is meaningful and fits your personal style. Gallery walls are also a stylish way to tell a story about you or your family.

For all those reasons why gallery walls are fantastic is why, since moving back into our home, I have been planning to hang a family gallery wall in our living room. Now we moved back into our home, after renting it out for four years, almost two years ago. So this gallery wall has been two years in the making. As they say, “good things come to those who wait.”

The Two Year Gallery Wall

Here is how our family gallery wall came together.

I am pretty proud of this gallery wall. It took me a long while to finally cross this to-do off my list, but it was worth the wait. Better late than never.

Decorating your home is a journey not a sprint, I didn’t want to rush into completing this decorating project by just throwing some random things on the wall. I have a unique decorating process that I believe works perfectly every time. I call this process the Home Decorating Success Roadmap. In my book, Home Decorating Made Simple, I walk you through this decorating roadmap in detail to help make decorating your home a lot easier. You can learn more about the book by clicking the button below.

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Okay, back to how I love my family gallery wall.

What I believe the purpose of this gallery wall, and many gallery walls, is to tell a story about my family. My gallery wall tells a story about my family, from the beginning when my wife and I got married to the present with pictures of our children as they grow Maluku. It is wonderful to look at and remember all the memories together.

Prep Work for This Family Gallery Wall

Before I even started hanging this gallery wall I was working a few things.

  • Collecting enough frames to create this gallery. This gallery wall has 16 frames. Some I had and some of the larger frames I scored off the curbside.
  • Painting frames to complement the color scheme. The teal, white, and lime green frames I painted using chalk paint.
  • Selecting other not photo wall decor to accent the arrangement. Any good gallery wall would not be complete without a few decorative wall items. (letters, wood signs, mirrors, clocks, etc.)
  • Lastly, I went through the photos on my phone to pick out my favorite pictures.

It took a lot longer to finally hang this gallery wall. All it took to finish it though was small steps. So if you are working on a decorating project and it is taking longer to finish or get started, don’t give up! Just make small steps and you are guaranteed to finish.

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