Wonderful Pavilion Design in Futuristic Flairs as Cozy Place

Wonderful Pavilion Design

To spend summer holiday, my friend and I go to tourism object around mountain. Since we need several days to visit all of tourism objects in this area, my friend and I stay at a villa. This villa is supplied with Pavilion Design adopting rustic flair combined with a little bit of modern flair. Green courtyard of pavilion makes us relax. In addition, beautiful flowers in assorted colors and leafy trees give shady place around villa. To enjoy beautiful scenery around villa and feels relaxing sensation, my friend and I stay at spacious pavilion.

Rustic Pavilion Design

Apparently this villa is equipped with more than one pavilion. Each pavilion presents different view. It depends on position of chic Pavilion Design. We hire this villa in higher price, but we get fascinating look from pavilions available around villa. Of course we are satisfied of these facilities. Rustic design of pavilion where my friend and I are relaxing is supported with wood posts Kalimantan. Fireplace with rustic brick wall is fitted on spacious pavilion. Wood floor of this pavilion matches with wood posts surrounding.

Afterwards, we move to another pavilion which is designed in same characteristic. This pavilion is furnished with long rectangular wood table. Old wood benches and wood chairs are set around this wood table. Wood truss can be seen clearly from here. On ceiling we find two ceiling fans polished in white color. This pavilion is supplied with old floor tile. Fireplace in this room gives warm maximally.

Pavilion Design in Contemporary Flair

Large pool designed in modern flair is available in this villa. Sides of swimming pool are designed with stone in order to look tough and elegant. Various colors of flowers and ornamental plants on courtyard make perfect pool view. Around, swimming pool, there is a pavilion. Futuristic Chic Pavilion Design is full of stone accent. Modern side chairs surround rectangle wood table furnishing pavilion. Even, this pavilion is supplied with outdoor roaster.

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