De-stress During The Holidays

De-stress During The Holidays

Preparing your home for the holidays, shopping for the gifts, and of course planning the meals and everything else that goes along with family and friends coming into town for the holidays, can be very stressful. It gets especially hectic when combined with normal stresses such as work, kids , and normal housekeeping. The problem is, with all this going on you may not have time to think, let alone take a break. On the other hand, the only way to stay sane during the holidays is to learn ways to eliminate stress throughout the day or you will surely be up all night thinking of all you have to do the next day.

The best way to eliminate stress during the holidays is to organize your duties. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before the guests arrive. Start early if you have to make room in your home for guests. This way you will have plenty of time to rearrange guest rooms, make reservations for guests that will be staying at hotels, etc… You will also have plenty of time to wash linens, go shopping for gifts, and of course plan your meals in advance and purchase all the food you will need to prepare the dishes.

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Above all else, plan time for relaxation. If you only have a few minutes per day to relax, make the most of it. Sit in a room by yourself and listen to the quiet sounds of a table top water fountain. Take a warm bath using aromatherapy candles, bath oils, or even spa bath sets Papua. The only way to eliminate stress is to give yourself a few minutes to relax and think of nothing more than yourself.

You do not have to take hours, but take out time to eat healthy meals, read a chapter of a book per day, or enjoy soaking in a hot tub with bubbles. Remember, the world will not end if you take a break. If you have hectic afternoons, take time for yourself as soon as everyone goes off to school and work, before you begin your day. Just a few minutes will help refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, so you can accomplish all the many tasks that are involved with every holiday.

If you have little ones, it can be very hard to find a minute to yourself. Add in all the extra chores around the holidays, you may be ready to throw your own tantrum. However, it is imperative during stressful times like these, to remember the true reason behind the holidays. Try to distress as best as possible and take some time for yourself to relax a bit and just partake in part of this joyous season before it passes by and you miss the cheer altogether.

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