What Can Be Made From Soapstone Blocks?


What Can Be Made From Soapstone Blocks?

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock made from talc and magnesium. Because of its unique makeup, it is useful for several types of construction and design products suitable for use in the home, office or workspace.

One aspect of the qualities inherent in soapstone is that it can be carved. This has made it throughout history useful for the creation of artwork and utility pieces such as cookware. Today you will find soapstone blocks that are carved into one-of-a-kind, designer soapstone sinks for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Sinks can be formed from soapstone in either round or square design styles.

Another useful quality of soapstone is that it is flame retardant. This makes it a wonderful, safe material to use in crafting soapstone stoves.

Soapstone behaves remarkably when heat is applied to it. It absorbs heat very well, and this is of benefit to anyone who uses a stove created from this stone. The fuel in a soapstone stove burns hot and quick, leaving no messy residues for you to clean. After the fuel is extinguished, the stone in the process has absorbed the heat produced by the burning fuel. It also conducts heat well, which means that the heat absorbed into the stone will radiate out from the stone to heat your home for a long period of time after the fuel is burned. This will provide you with a great deal of savings for a fuel-efficient, beautiful stove.

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Because soapstone, in the range of stone, is fairly a soft stone, it is possible to take soapstone blocks and slice them into thin pieces. These slices of soapstone have a great variety of uses in home decor applications.

Slices of the stone can be used to create a beautiful and durable counter. These counters are amazing in natural color and veining, so that you will achieve a striking look that will remain for years to come wherever you decide to use these countertops in your home. Soapstone slices can also be used in the formation of beautiful tiles and mosaics. These can produce a decorative backsplash behind your stove, or can be used in floor applications as well. Slices of the stone can also be professionally adhered together to form wonderful, custom-sized sinks and basins.

Soapstone, created with heat and pressure in the bowels of the Earth, is used today in many ways to increase the attractiveness and functionality of your home or office.