Here’s Why You Must Get Ceiling Fans for Your Home!

Here's Why You Must Get Ceiling Fans for Your Home!

Most of us rely on air-conditioning systems for home cooling. After all, the new-age air conditioners are meant to perform and offer the best experience in the hot summer months. However, experts recommend homeowners to have at least one ceiling fan in every room. In this post, we take a look at the advantages of ceiling fans and how you can buy one.

The pros of having ceiling fans

  • Reduce your energy usage and bills. Probably the biggest advantage of ceiling fans is reduction in energy bills. It is important to mention that ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room, but simply circulate air. When the air conditioner is working and you use the fan at the same time, you can get a lower temperature in the room by up to 4 degrees. As such, the air-conditioner doesn’t need to work at the lowest temperature, and you can even switch it off after a point, because the ceiling fan will be circulating the air. Some brands like crestar fan are offering a bunch of products that are meant to be energy efficient.
  • For the outdoors. If you have open patios, balconies and verandas in the house, you have to get ceiling fans for that extra cooling effect. For open areas, most of the other cooling systems don’t work, making fans and obvious and preferred choice. There are many modern ceiling fans that are meant for outdoor use.
  • Get extra light. Brands have been offering ceiling fans with installed lights and light kits for a while now. If you don’t have enough light in the room or need to add extra light to the porch, this is the best possible option by all means. The light kits are meant for performance, and yes, you don’t have to bother about heavy energy usage either.
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Things to note

If you are new to buying ceiling fans or want to replace the old ones for something better, it makes sense that you choose the right model. First and foremost, select a brand that you can rely on. For example, you can check the Facebook page of Crestar Fans to know some of their recent products. The diameter of the fan is also important. As a rule of thumb, you need a 30-inch fan for a room of about 100 square foot. The size and pitch of the blades are also important. The best ceiling fans have blades of 5 inches with a pitch of at least 10 degrees.

Before buying a model, check with your electrician to know if any of the other aspects must be addressed. If the ceiling is too low, you need small ceiling fans, which can operate closely with the surface. For higher ceilings, it is important to get a drop-rod. Keeping enough gap of at least seven feet is recommended between the fan and ceiling. Consider your budget before checking for options, and don’t forget to check the warranty on the product and other aspects like aesthetics.