DIY Shadow Boxes Made From Repurposed Cigar Boxes

DIY Shadow Boxes Cigar Boxes

When decorating my son, Anthony’s, nursery, I didn’t want to spend a fortune. To stay on a shoestring budget, I did a lot of DIY projects for this nursery makeover. One of my favorite DIY projects are the shadow boxes I made from repurposed cigar boxes.

Shadow boxes are a fun way to display and accent special items. In this case, spray painted white safari animal figurines.

Easy Shadow Boxes

This was a fun, inexpensive, and quick DIY project. There’s so much joy in decorating a nursery.

Here’s how these cigar boxes looked before being made over.

My brother works at a party store that sells cigars. He got me these varying sized boxes for free. If you want to do a similar DIY project, ask your local party store if you can get any empty cigar boxes.

To makeover these cigar boxes I painted the inside of each box one of the accent colors in the room. Lime green, teal, and light gray.

Next, using scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge from Michaels, I decoupaged the sides on the box. This covered up all the Cigar text quick and easy.

That’s all it took to makeover and repurpose empty cigar boxes into cute shadow boxes for Anthony’s nursery.

I used 3M Velcro strips to hang the shadow boxes on the wall. These strips are great to hang lightweight wall decor without putting holes in the wall Pesisir. Also, Velcro strips are great for renters and college students.

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These shadow boxes I hope will grow with my son. Maybe in the future they will have other special items to him, like an autographed baseball. In the meantime, this cigar box makeover adds to the modern safari themed nursery for us to create new memories in with our son.

I couldn’t be happier!