Excellent Art Harding Construction to Create Stylish Interior Design

Create Stylish Interior Design

I accompanied my brother to see his client. Apparently his client owns a luxury house around Pantai Laguna and it is designed with Art Harding Construction. All living spaces in his house are full of artistic architecture that reflects the creative and brilliant design concept of the house. I entered the spacious living room which was designed with rustic stone accents. We sat on a futuristic sofa with a floral pattern. The furniture in the living room represents an elegant and tough character. A rustic stone fireplace combined with a stone TV setting. This concept reflects a natural and rustic design.

Art Harding Construction as Fantastic Interior Design

Left and right side of stone fireplace are modified as huge bookcase where a lot of books are stored tidily inside. Modern ceiling lights enlighten this living room. Afterwards, he takes us to indoor pool which is regarded as futuristic pool in large size. Rustic stone floor on edge of indoor poll matches with stone wall surrounding. It is one of proof that this house is built using fantastic Art Harding Construction. Indoor plants in black pots are set around indoor poll to give fresh accent.

Kitchen with Art Harding Construction

We check out kitchen dominated in white color that spread bright view. Flashy white kitchen cabinet and white kitchen island melds with white ceiling. These kitchen cabinets are designed in modern flair. Kitchen Island is layered with sleek white marble in order to be easy to clean. Kitchen countertop in black color is combined with black kitchen cabinet. White barstools in futuristic style are set surrounding modern kitchen countertop.

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This kitchen looks eye catching with gold range hood. Moreover, fantastic Art Harding Construction design is found on kitchen backsplash. Kitchen backsplash made of tough ceramic tile is crafted like bars. It represents cool character of ceramic. Laminate flooring in kitchen is suitable with classy kitchen set and unique kitchen backsplash.